Happy Easter to everyone today that needs or wants to know Jesus more! Jesus loves everyone whether you are a believer or not! Jesus can be your father or brother or just a friend, whatever makes you feel comfortable! He wants you to know that he loves you immensely and couldn’t imagine life in heaven without you! He also wants everyone to know that his love is free and you don’t have to earn it but just believe in him and he will clean all your sins from your life. He doesn’t want the perfect person coming to him because no matter what we think, the perfect person doesn’t exist. We can’t earn Heaven, we can only try to have a relationship with God and believe in his son Jesus, that he died already for all past and present transgressions (sins).

YOU CAN’T EARN HEAVEN!! Please listen to this message and know that God truly loves you and wants you to be filled with the Holy Spirit, so you can feel true love from our Father in Heaven! He loves you and knows that this world more than ever needs his love and compassion. He will make you feel loved like you never have felt before. Trust in his words because he will show you the real purpose of your life and help you through these crazy times in the world right now!

God (Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit) loves you all and knows you need comfort and love in your life. Take a chance and let him show you what he is really about. God Bless you all on this exciting day that we celebrate Jesus coming back alive after he died for our sins. He is too powerful to keep in the ground dead, so give him a chance in your life and see how much he loves you!!

Thank you Lord Jesus for all that you do for us. You show us love and protect our soul from our enemies in the world! You keep us strong when we feel weak and bold when we need to be. You always show your presence when we need it and you’re never to far to reach. Thank you Lord for keeping us safe in your arms and we love you very much!!


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