Happy Easter to everyone today that needs or wants to know Jesus more! Jesus loves everyone whether you are a believer or not! Jesus can be your father or brother or just a friend, whatever makes you feel comfortable! He wants you to know that he loves you immensely and couldn’t imagine life in heaven without you! He also wants everyone to know that his love is free and you don’t have to earn it but just believe in him and he will clean all your sins from your life. He doesn’t want the perfect person coming to him because no matter what we think, the perfect person doesn’t exist. We can’t earn Heaven, we can only try to have a relationship with God and believe in his son Jesus, that he died already for all past and present transgressions (sins).

YOU CAN’T EARN HEAVEN!! Please listen to this message and know that God truly loves you and wants you to be filled with the Holy Spirit, so you can feel true love from our Father in Heaven! He loves you and knows that this world more than ever needs his love and compassion. He will make you feel loved like you never have felt before. Trust in his words because he will show you the real purpose of your life and help you through these crazy times in the world right now!

God (Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit) loves you all and knows you need comfort and love in your life. Take a chance and let him show you what he is really about. God Bless you all on this exciting day that we celebrate Jesus coming back alive after he died for our sins. He is too powerful to keep in the ground dead, so give him a chance in your life and see how much he loves you!!

Thank you Lord Jesus for all that you do for us. You show us love and protect our soul from our enemies in the world! You keep us strong when we feel weak and bold when we need to be. You always show your presence when we need it and you’re never to far to reach. Thank you Lord for keeping us safe in your arms and we love you very much!!


Getting filled with the Holy Spirit…..

I can’t say it enough that when I got filled with the Holy Spirit, it was the most beautiful feeling in the world and I just wanted to go out and shout it from the rooftops that I have a connection to God and that he is my true and everlasting Father. God makes me feel beautiful inside and out. God is with me every step I do now. I know that God Loves me so much not like before when I used to think that God was mad or upset with me. God loves us all so much and he tries with every one of us to follow him. I would love for everyone I know to get filled with the Holy Spirit but unfortunately not every one believes the same thing that I do. God always shows me how he gives signs to all of his children in the world to come to him but they need to actually believe that its a sign from him and not just a coincidence. When I got filled with the Holy Spirit that was a change in the way that I thought. I had more love in my heart that I didn’t know was possible. I had love for people that I didn’t get along with. It was and is such a change for me and I know that the Holy Spirit guides me every day in every decision I make. I feel like I want to do better things than before. I know that even if I make mistakes or might do something that isn’t the best, I know that God loves me no matter what and that he will bring me back to the right path every time the Devil tries to lead me away. God knows how much the Devil can try to influence us to do bad things. We have to remember that the Devil wants to attack us more now that we have the Holy   Spirit because we have Gods power with us and that power is stronger than anything that the Devil can do. WE HAVE A PART OF GOD INSIDE US.. Its the most beautiful feeling to know.. I know that it took me 36 years to finally come to God and get filled with the Holy Spirit but its NEVER TOO LATE FOR ANYONE TO GO TO GOD…… BELIEVE IN JESUS AND OUR SINS ARE FORGIVEN…. JUST BELIEVE!! God has and still is teaching me about the Grace Message and God wants me to share that message with you all next time. GOD BE WITH YOU ALL….

God is teaching me about spiritual authority…

Many people in the world want you to believe that you need to have some kind of authority on you on every kind of situation in life but God is showing me that the only spiritual authority that should be over his children is ONLY GOD..  When we get filled with the Holy Spirit we have the ability to hear God better and we are also guided with the Holy Spirit on how we should live our lives. That means that we all have different calls in our life that God wants us to do. ONLY GOD KNOWS WHAT OUR CALLS IN LIFE ARE.. I hear people around me tell me that I need to listen to them and not the messages from God because they think that they can hear God better or that they know best for you. God does put people in our life for reasons at any given moment but that doesn’t mean that anybody needs to be over you and tell you what to do. We can GUIDE, ENCOURAGE, LOVE and BE SINCERE WITH EACH OTHER. Most of all Jesus just wants all of us to LOVE ONE ANOTHER.. I used to be in a group of people that didn’t want to let me hear God on my own and it was keeping me from growing my relationship with God. God gave me many messages that taught me to listen to him and try to pick only the good things that people were trying to tell me. Now I love God as my true father and I can hear him give me messages. He teaches me many times about things that I need to learn and I wouldn’t of known this if I didn’t stand up for myself and listen to our true teacher JESUS. God will have me read the Bible and sometimes I will watch preacher on TV on a certain subject. God will always give me some kind of sign or confirmation so that I know that the message I’m getting is from him and not a bad spirit. Most important lesson I had to learn is that we have to discern every message we get because its very easy for a bad spirit to get in our heads and talk to us but we must always try to be careful and trust that God always shows us signs and confirmations. We all need to trust and have faith that God will show and teach all of us on his own but we have to truly believe it in our hearts that we are his children and that he loves us so much. The more I speak in tongues the more God teaches me and helps me spread his words.. Thank you Jesus!!  🙂


I would like to start by telling you a little about me. I have been born again and spirit filled since June of 2012. I’m married with two beautiful children that God Blessed me with. I’m very Blessed to have a husband that is not born again but tries to be understanding on what I choose to believe in. I do hope that one day he will get born again and spirit filled but I have tried talking to him many times and I have figured out that God will have to show him. All my life, ever since I was a little girl I always wanted to be close to God and I never quite found that connection that I was looking for. I’ll be honest, I used to try and read the Bible (before being filled with the Holy Spirit) and always had a hard time understanding it. I didn’t know much about the Bible besides what I would learn from church and that wasn’t much because I would only go when it was a holiday. So every year it seemed like it was the same thing over and over. I still felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere with God but I would still pray, hope and wish that God could hear me. I had my mom and brother that were born again spirit filled already at that time and they would try to tell me how wonderful if feels to be filled with the Holy Spirit and how much God (our true and everlasting father) and Jesus love us. Of course , I didn’t believe them for years because the kind of stories that my mom would tell me couldn’t of really happened (now I know that Gods power is still on earth with all of us). Well, I can tell you that I started getting more curious about being born again after my dad in 2011 had a lot of medical problems and the doctors were telling us time after time that we needed to be ready for him to pass away. My dad got saved a little time before he died and I’ll never forget how he said he felt when he got filled with the Holy Spirit and the love he felt after. He said he felt like he was lifted in the air because God took all of his bad things out of him. My father was always up front about everything, so when he told me this, it made me start listening a little. I was so happy that my father believed and got saved (within a couple of weeks of dying). That was such a Blessing. This is how I got curious…

Hi everyone, My name is Toni and i’m born again and spirit filled.

This is the first time I have ever blogged and I’m not a good writer but I feel like God wants me to do this so I can share my story of how I got born again and how my journey has been since it happened. I will be writing a little bit each day about how God showed me the way to him. I truly believe I have a great connection to God that I never had before I got filled with the Holy Spirit. I hope that when I start my story tomorrow that when you read it, you will find guidance, encouragement, love and sincerity. These are things that God has been teaching me that we should all have with one another. I’m excited about this message and hope you enjoy it..