Happy Easter to everyone today that needs or wants to know Jesus more! Jesus loves everyone whether you are a believer or not! Jesus can be your father or brother or just a friend, whatever makes you feel comfortable! He wants you to know that he loves you immensely and couldn’t imagine life in heaven without you! He also wants everyone to know that his love is free and you don’t have to earn it but just believe in him and he will clean all your sins from your life. He doesn’t want the perfect person coming to him because no matter what we think, the perfect person doesn’t exist. We can’t earn Heaven, we can only try to have a relationship with God and believe in his son Jesus, that he died already for all past and present transgressions (sins).

YOU CAN’T EARN HEAVEN!! Please listen to this message and know that God truly loves you and wants you to be filled with the Holy Spirit, so you can feel true love from our Father in Heaven! He loves you and knows that this world more than ever needs his love and compassion. He will make you feel loved like you never have felt before. Trust in his words because he will show you the real purpose of your life and help you through these crazy times in the world right now!

God (Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit) loves you all and knows you need comfort and love in your life. Take a chance and let him show you what he is really about. God Bless you all on this exciting day that we celebrate Jesus coming back alive after he died for our sins. He is too powerful to keep in the ground dead, so give him a chance in your life and see how much he loves you!!

Thank you Lord Jesus for all that you do for us. You show us love and protect our soul from our enemies in the world! You keep us strong when we feel weak and bold when we need to be. You always show your presence when we need it and you’re never to far to reach. Thank you Lord for keeping us safe in your arms and we love you very much!!


God is teaching me about spiritual authority…

Many people in the world want you to believe that you need to have some kind of authority on you on every kind of situation in life but God is showing me that the only spiritual authority that should be over his children is ONLY GOD..  When we get filled with the Holy Spirit we have the ability to hear God better and we are also guided with the Holy Spirit on how we should live our lives. That means that we all have different calls in our life that God wants us to do. ONLY GOD KNOWS WHAT OUR CALLS IN LIFE ARE.. I hear people around me tell me that I need to listen to them and not the messages from God because they think that they can hear God better or that they know best for you. God does put people in our life for reasons at any given moment but that doesn’t mean that anybody needs to be over you and tell you what to do. We can GUIDE, ENCOURAGE, LOVE and BE SINCERE WITH EACH OTHER. Most of all Jesus just wants all of us to LOVE ONE ANOTHER.. I used to be in a group of people that didn’t want to let me hear God on my own and it was keeping me from growing my relationship with God. God gave me many messages that taught me to listen to him and try to pick only the good things that people were trying to tell me. Now I love God as my true father and I can hear him give me messages. He teaches me many times about things that I need to learn and I wouldn’t of known this if I didn’t stand up for myself and listen to our true teacher JESUS. God will have me read the Bible and sometimes I will watch preacher on TV on a certain subject. God will always give me some kind of sign or confirmation so that I know that the message I’m getting is from him and not a bad spirit. Most important lesson I had to learn is that we have to discern every message we get because its very easy for a bad spirit to get in our heads and talk to us but we must always try to be careful and trust that God always shows us signs and confirmations. We all need to trust and have faith that God will show and teach all of us on his own but we have to truly believe it in our hearts that we are his children and that he loves us so much. The more I speak in tongues the more God teaches me and helps me spread his words.. Thank you Jesus!!  🙂

When I received the Holy Spirit inside me

After all the signs that God gave me I knew that I wanted be Born Again and filled with the Holy Spirit and have this great connection with our Lord. So, I went to see my brother and ask him a couple last questions and I just knew that it was time for me. As he answered my questions I told him that I wanted to Born Again and I truly believed that Jesus could take all my sins away from me and that I am forgiven because Jesus went on the Cross for all that wants to believe. We are all Gods children but we just need to find our way to him. We need him in our lives to truly feel love and I didn’t realize that until I was filled with the Holy Spirit and my connection to our True Father God… My brother that day told me that he and his wife were going to pray over me and speak in tongues and that I needed to believe. When they were praying over me, the only thing that was going through my mind is that I wanted to be near God. I didn’t know what to expect when they stopped praying over me because I’ve heard of some people actually passing out or falling to the floor. I was sitting there and when they finished I felt like all my sins that I ever had was lifted and my body felt very drained. I didn’t feel like I wanted to jump up and down yet but my brother told me that I should speak in tongues and I did right away. He explained it to me in a perfect way of why I should speak in tongues. He told me that God wants us to speak in tongues because of course he is speaking to us but also its like when my daughter was a year old and started saying words and how I was so excited that she could talk to me. That’s how God feels about all of us when we are speaking in tongues because not only is he talking to us but we are speaking in tongues only for him because we love him and we want him to guide us in the way that he wants us to be. So, I went home and I felt still drained but I felt a sense of relief. I went to sleep and woke up the next day and felt like have never felt before. I was light as a feather and so happy with so much love for everybody. I couldn’t remember why I was mad at any one at all. It is the most beautiful feeling in the world. I was trying to speak in tongues with every opportunity that I could get. Now I had this connection with God (our Father), that I could actually feel and it was amazing. I felt like God filled my empty spots that I had in my life. I wanted to go out of my house and shout at the top of my lungs how great it feels to have Jesus in our lives. I didn’t do it because I know that at that moment there would be a lot of people in my life that would try to change my mind so I needed to be stronger in my faith before I could tell anyone that didn’t believe as I do.

My last sign before I got Born Again…

This last sign is a little hard to explain but I will try my best. Ever since I was a little girl I used to get these really bad dreams (at least I thought they were dreams). I would wake up in my bed but I wouldn’t be able to move or speak until whatever was happening to me was over. I will tell a couple different examples. When I was a child I would wake up in my bed (in my room) and couldn’t move but could see a big dark shadow of a monster coming on top of me and I don’t know how long it would last but it felt like forever. When this monster of a shadow was done scarying me then I could actually get up from the bed and run out of my room screaming. I would wake up thinking that there was something in my bed moving and my mom would check but nothing. My parents would always tell me that it’s just a night terror and that I have to believe that it doesn’t exist. I’m sure that they thought that I (being a child) was having bad dreams, well these attacks at night would happen until recently. I started just believing that these attacks that I was getting were just bad night terrors and that my brain had to be playing tricks on me because how could it really be true that I’m waking up in my room (frozen) and i have these dark shadow things attacking me. I learned that when they would happen I would try to just close and open my eyes many times and it seemed to work because in my head I would say that this is not real (repeatedly). So, I’m not sure when this particular night attack happen but this one lasted a long time. My husband and I have a Cross with Jesus on it, in our bedroom, on the side of the wall where I sleep. Now, this is going to sound really crazy but when I would wake up this time I wasn’t getting attacked instead I would have my eyes on the Cross but Jesus was changing into images of something evil and scary. Like now my attacks were against Jesus and whatever it was, it was trying to make to believe that Jesus was really a monster. Of course I would open and close my eyes as usual and think that whatever this is, its not true and then I would see Jesus back on my wall. So glad to see Jesus again.. So getting back to my last sign. I was talking to a couple of different people when I was getting my signs and over heard someone tell a story about how he used to get attacked in the middle of the night by bad spirits and when he explained his attacks they sounded almost exactly like mine. I asked him questions about it and thought he had to be having night terrors because how can we really get attacked by bad spirits. He made me realize that bad spirits do exist (by my first sign with my daughters dream from God) and the bad spirit was trying to convince me that Jesus was bad. When the thought that I was getting attacked at night by evil spirits, it really scared me but my brother told me that God was going to show me a sign that I’m safe. Now, still wasn’t born again yet so I didn’t still know what to believe but that night I went home and of course I didn’t tell any of this to my husband because he would of thought I was nuts. I wanted to make sure I truly believed before I talked to my husband about it because he was raised Catholic all his life and it would be hard for him to understand something like this. Back to that night, I was getting ready to go to sleep and I have to say I was so scared to wake up  to an attack because I knew than that they are real now but something interesting happen. I woke up scared as usual and but this time before I could get attacked my daughter came into my bed (at that exact time I opened my eyes) and I could move (to my surprise), let her in the bed and put my arms around her but all of a sudden I felt safe like nothing could touch me or hurt me. It was the craziest feeling ever but I knew that it must of been God to send my daughter in my room at that time to show me I’m safe with him and God loves me very much that he has given me all these signs. I will say that my daughter would come into my bed all the time but somehow it was different that time. I was convinced and I talked to my brother and told him that I was ready to get born again and I wanted to feel the greatness of having a connection with God, like I searched all my life for. Thank you God our Father. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Holy Spirit…. 🙂

Another sign that God gave me…

After God gave me that sign through my daughter I started to talk to my mom and brother more and started asking a lot of questions. I really wanted to have this connection with God but I was still skeptical about what they were saying about me having to be born again and filled with the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues. One part that I had a hard time with was speaking in tongues because I seriously didn’t understand and thought that it had to be something evil (not good) but of course, I was wrong because God showed me that it is in the Bible. So let me tell you how he showed me. Every night i used to sit on the floor of my kids room and wait for them to go to sleep and usually I would have my phone and either play a game or shop online. I would like to say that it was probably 2 or 3 days after my first sign that I was doing my usual sitting on the floor waiting for my kids to go to sleep and in my head I kept hearing something like “go to the Bible and read Acts“. I couldn’t understand why I kept hearing this in my head because I didn’t know much of the Bible and didn’t even know if there was a chapter called Acts in there. So I tried to somehow ignore what I was hearing because to me it didn’t make sense but finally I decided to put a Bible app on my phone and look and see if there really was a chapter called Acts. To my surprise the voice in my head was right and the two verses that stood out for me when I started reading were Acts 1:5 FOR JOHN BAPTIZED WITH WATER, BUT IN A FEW DAYS YOU WILL BE BAPTIZED WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT. ACTS 2:4 ALL OF THEM WERE FILLED WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT AND BEGAN TO SPEAK IN OTHER TONGUES AS THE SPIRIT ENABLED THEM. I was in shock because only God could of been in my mind telling me to go and read these chapters. I was amazed and then knew that God was giving me these signs and that I really could have a connection with God. God needed to show me one more sign before i could be saved and I will tell you next time… 

Born Again Spirit Filled

When my dad passed away, it was hard, but not as hard as I thought it would be. I guess, I felt that he went to Heaven because I know he believed in Jesus. Of course, I wanted to be selfish and keep him on earth with me but I know that now he is in Heaven and he is so happy and has no pain ( he had so much depression and pain from his heart problems ). About a month later, I found out that I needed to do tests because I might have cancer. I was very upset because the thought of having cancer and possibly dying scared me. It scared me because I truly didn’t have the connection to God like I thought I should have. One thing I always believed that everything happens for a reason whether its good or bad. I believe that God doesn’t give us more than what we can handle but we also have to learn from the situations that we are in. So, I prayed and prayed that even if I had cancer that I would be ok and that my family would have the strength to go through whatever it was. I was very lucky to find out that I didn’t have cancer and I thanked God for that. Having this little scare I decided to listen a little to my mom and brother about their stories of being born again and filled with the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues. I’ll be honest I thought that speaking in tongues was something evil but I found out with the help of Gods signs to me that speaking in tongues is a beautiful thing.


It started when my brother was telling me that we are all getting attacked every day from evil spirits. Also that in my house my 5 year old daughter wasn’t getting attacked because she has a very close connection to God. (I will tell you more of how my daughter loves Jesus and has a close bond to God). My self, husband and son had bad spirits attacking us all the time. Well, I thought my brother was crazy. Yes, I thought that bad spirits are out there in the world but I didn’t think that they were attacking my family. He also told me that God will show me himself that this is true. I can’t remember exactly if it was that night or the next but my daughter told me that she had a dream that was so real to her and that she could remember all of it. My daughter could never remember her dreams that she had, even now. Her dream in her words was: she was in some kind of cave holding a baby wolf in her arms and mommy, daddy and her brother were out side of the cave fighting off a bear, a big foot and wolves. She felt very safe holding the wolf but she could see that we were getting hurt from the bad creatures. After she told me that, I was in shock. I couldn’t believe that she had a dream exactly about what my brother told me. I knew than that God could of been the only one to give my daughter that dream because I didn’t even talk at home about what I heard from my brother because I seriously thought that he was wrong. I have many more signs to tell that led me to get born again…..