I would like to start by telling you a little about me. I have been born again and spirit filled since June of 2012. I’m married with two beautiful children that God Blessed me with. I’m very Blessed to have a husband that is not born again but tries to be understanding on what I choose to believe in. I do hope that one day he will get born again and spirit filled but I have tried talking to him many times and I have figured out that God will have to show him. All my life, ever since I was a little girl I always wanted to be close to God and I never quite found that connection that I was looking for. I’ll be honest, I used to try and read the Bible (before being filled with the Holy Spirit) and always had a hard time understanding it. I didn’t know much about the Bible besides what I would learn from church and that wasn’t much because I would only go when it was a holiday. So every year it seemed like it was the same thing over and over. I still felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere with God but I would still pray, hope and wish that God could hear me. I had my mom and brother that were born again spirit filled already at that time and they would try to tell me how wonderful if feels to be filled with the Holy Spirit and how much God (our true and everlasting father) and Jesus love us. Of course , I didn’t believe them for years because the kind of stories that my mom would tell me couldn’t of really happened (now I know that Gods power is still on earth with all of us). Well, I can tell you that I started getting more curious about being born again after my dad in 2011 had a lot of medical problems and the doctors were telling us time after time that we needed to be ready for him to pass away. My dad got saved a little time before he died and I’ll never forget how he said he felt when he got filled with the Holy Spirit and the love he felt after. He said he felt like he was lifted in the air because God took all of his bad things out of him. My father was always up front about everything, so when he told me this, it made me start listening a little. I was so happy that my father believed and got saved (within a couple of weeks of dying). That was such a Blessing. This is how I got curious…

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