Getting filled with the Holy Spirit…..

I can’t say it enough that when I got filled with the Holy Spirit, it was the most beautiful feeling in the world and I just wanted to go out and shout it from the rooftops that I have a connection to God and that he is my true and everlasting Father. God makes me feel beautiful inside and out. God is with me every step I do now. I know that God Loves me so much not like before when I used to think that God was mad or upset with me. God loves us all so much and he tries with every one of us to follow him. I would love for everyone I know to get filled with the Holy Spirit but unfortunately not every one believes the same thing that I do. God always shows me how he gives signs to all of his children in the world to come to him but they need to actually believe that its a sign from him and not just a coincidence. When I got filled with the Holy Spirit that was a change in the way that I thought. I had more love in my heart that I didn’t know was possible. I had love for people that I didn’t get along with. It was and is such a change for me and I know that the Holy Spirit guides me every day in every decision I make. I feel like I want to do better things than before. I know that even if I make mistakes or might do something that isn’t the best, I know that God loves me no matter what and that he will bring me back to the right path every time the Devil tries to lead me away. God knows how much the Devil can try to influence us to do bad things. We have to remember that the Devil wants to attack us more now that we have the Holy   Spirit because we have Gods power with us and that power is stronger than anything that the Devil can do. WE HAVE A PART OF GOD INSIDE US.. Its the most beautiful feeling to know.. I know that it took me 36 years to finally come to God and get filled with the Holy Spirit but its NEVER TOO LATE FOR ANYONE TO GO TO GOD…… BELIEVE IN JESUS AND OUR SINS ARE FORGIVEN…. JUST BELIEVE!! God has and still is teaching me about the Grace Message and God wants me to share that message with you all next time. GOD BE WITH YOU ALL….

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