Water Baptism at Life Christian Church!


It’s been 2 years now that I’ve been Born Again and Spirit Filled and I always look to Our Father to guide me into my next step in life! ❤ So God had sent me for the very first time to this Church called Life Christian Church, they have Beautiful Worship and Great Pastor teaching about God and the message was all positive and very encouraging! At the middle of it, they started talking about Water Baptism and they had this man come out and did it in front of the Church! It was the most Beautiful thing that I had ever seen! The Holy Spirit inside me was showing me how happy this moment was. So, I continued to go to the Church to have Worship and Fellowship because I always felt good after being there! But, I also felt like God wanted me to do something there and I realized that Our Father wanted me to get Water Baptized because I’ve been walking in my path with Our Father, Jesus and The Holy Spirit and the Water Baptism is my sign of commitment to GOD FOREVER!! ❤
I was so excited to do this and very emotional because I Love Our Father, Jesus and The Holy Spirit so much that all I want is to feel the love that he gives me!
When I got dropped into the water I felt like I was at peace in an Ocean with only me and God around me! It was so cool!! ❤
If anybody would like to see the video of how they explain the Water Baptism and see how people get Water Baptized you are more than welcome to go on the Life Christian Church Michigan and see the whole video! ❤
God Bless all of you! ❤



God wants me to tell everyone that you can have freedom from all sin if you only believe that your sin has died on the Cross with Jesus! Many people in the world feel like their sin is greater than the Cross and its NOT. I have people in my life that aren’t Spirit Filled like me and its hard for them to let go of their sin because they were brought up to always think about the sins that they have committed. The Devil is the one that reminds us on our sin not God. God is the only one in our life that Loves us so much that if you believe and bring Jesus into your heart he will forget all your sins that were in the past and present because when Jesus died on the Cross he didn’t just die for our past sins but also our presents ones too. I’m not saying to go out and sin all day just because you are forgiven but when you have the Holy Spirit inside you, you feel a great weight of sin that is lifted off of you. You all of a sudden have Love for everybody in the world and you also forget why you didn’t like someone or thought that nothing could make you hate someone again. Its the greatest feeling in the world and when you can feel that, that is how much our Father in Heaven Loves us and wants us to feel like that every day! God (our Wonderful Everlasting Father) doesn’t ever remind us of our bad or sin, we have a common enemy which is the Devil and he is the one that will always try to make us feel horrible about ourselves, confuse us about Gods Love, make us feel like God punishes us for things that we do, he will tell us lies about God and last will try to make us do bad things but when you are filled with the Holy Spirit you have a strength inside you to fight off the bad thoughts or voices in your head. God wants us to be Happy not Sad, encouraged not down on ourselves, feel free not weighed down with all these bad things that we keep with us, feel Loved and give lots of Love to everyone else. The Commandments died at the Cross!! Once you understand that no one on earth could ever earn salvation and the only way that you can get Salvation is through Jesus dying on the Cross. BELIEVE IN JESUS!! BELIEVE IN THE FATHER!! BELIEVE IN GETTING THE HOLY SPIRIT INSIDE YOU!! It will make you a happier person inside and out! Of course the Devil will always try to attack you but i’m going to say it again that you will have this Shield that is the Holy Spirit inside you that will protect you and help you fight back. It doesn’t matter how many sins or what horrible past you have because there is nothing that God cares most about than to have all of his children with him! He wants all of us filled with the Holy Spirit because than he can talk to us and we could actually hear his voice better. Who in this world wouldn’t want to talk to our always Loving (never negative ) Father that loves us so much! We are all brothers and sisters on earth and God is our Everlasting Father and Jesus is our Brother that sacrificed himself for all of us! Our Father is wanting us to have this Beautiful gift of being filled with the Holy Spirit and all we have to do is ask for it and we shall receive it when he knows that we are truly ready to have it. So EVERYBODY that is reading this, THERE IS A REASON WHY YOU ARE READING THIS, IT JUST MIGHT BE THE SIGN THAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR, STEP UP AND GET WHAT YOU DESERVE IN THE EYES OF GOD, LOVE!!




I am a true believer that the Holy Spirit always guides in some way to do the right things and lead us to the right path to our true father. Of course, you have to have faith and believe that Jesus has already paid for all of our sins to really understand how much God really loves his children. God has helped me show my husband (that isn’t yet a born again spirit filled person) understand that it is truly magical that connection you can have when you are filled with the Holy Spirit and feel and hear our father talk to us and teach us things supernaturally. My husband is searching for that one supernatural sign that a lot of us want to see to truly believe that God can show us things instead of what we are taught as kids to believe. You can read the bible and hear all these great things that you have to believe but when you have the Holy Spirit inside you all you want is to be closer to God. For me its like I found my true father that will love me no matter what I have done but I will try to serve him in everything that I do. So, I have a wonderful but interesting story to tell about how my husband got a what he might call a small sign from God.

My husband and I have two beautiful dogs that are older and my husband for the past 2 or 3 years has been trying to convince me to get a puppy but I always thought something negative about it and we didn’t get the puppy. So, about a month ago, my husband again said to me why don’t we try to get a puppy again and I said let me think about it. My feeling this time was so different than before and I felt like God wanted us to get a puppy for whatever reason it may be, because we truly don’t know what God has planned for us and he does put people, animals and things in our life for reasons that we will learn in the future. I started looking for a puppy that we could possibly be interested in and I found this one puppy that stuck out for him and for me. I told him that for some reason I just feel like this puppy is supposed to be with us and told him that God was making me feel this way. Well, of course, my husband didn’t understand at first what I was talking about. We talked to this guy about seeing the puppy and went and even though my husband had a little doubt he decided this puppy is the one. So cute and lovable. We brought the puppy home and our dogs being older didn’t really understand and were stressing a little because they were never around a puppy like this before. I was really nervous and upset because I started thinking that maybe this was a bad idea because I didn’t want my dogs (my babies) to be stressed and upset. God just some how kept showing me that I needed to keep this puppy and it will be ok. I have to say that the puppy was getting attacked from what I believe is bad spirits for being in my house. He got round worm after a day of being in my house which is normal for puppies to get it from their mothers milk but a friend of ours got a puppy from the same litter and didn’t have any worms at all. Then, after I got him dewormed he all of a sudden started throwing up a lot. I took him to the vets again and they didn’t really understand why but thought maybe he had some kind of virus. I brought him home and I went to do some laundry and while I was doing that Holy Spirit told me to stop the bad spirits from attacking the puppy. I thought, this can’t be true. So, I repeated a couple of times IN THE NAME OF JESUS I BIND YOU BAD SPIRITS FROM ATTACKING THE PUPPY. Every night I bind the bad spirits in my house with the name of JESUS to not attack us in the night but I didn’t think that would help a puppy. To my surprise my puppy after that didn’t have any health problems since. AMAZING. About a week or 2 after we got him my husband tells me that something is really cool on the puppy and went to see and he told me that he has never seen this kind of mark on a dog but he thinks the mark looks like a CROSS right on his chest and my husband just couldn’t believe that after I told him all this stuff that he now believes this puppy was meant to be with us for whatever reason and God wanted us to have him. I think that my husband little by little is starting to believe when I tell him stories of what God shows me and teaches me. This just shows that we don’t know everything and God with the Holy Spirit inside us and the power of the name of Jesus will guide and help us during our journey in life. Amen

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!
I’m thankful for God above all because he is our true father and he shows us how much he loves us everyday!
I’m thankful that Jesus died on the cross for all of our sins and that he shows all of us to LOVE ONE ANOTHER!
I’m thankful for the Holy Spirit that shows me how to love other people, guides me to try to do the right things, leads me to the right path that God wants me to be on and gives me this great big shield when I am getting attacked by Evil spirits.
I’m thankful of my family and friends and for the people that God has put around me!
I’m thankful for everything that God has given me in my life!
I couldn’t be thankful if it wasn’t for God being in my life to give me all these things that I just wrote about!
I hope that if you are reading this that maybe you could let God into your life and feel the love that he has for you!!


Somebody the other day was telling me that you can’t be with God unless you are at church.. WRONG!!   God is with us and is every where we are, always. I can be at home and talk to God. I can be driving my car and talk to God. I could be any where and God will talk back to me. God will tell me what lesson he wants me learn this week or month. He will send me to the bible and have me read something then supernaturally he will give me some kind of confirmation by having me see a sign or even someone all of a sudden talk to me about that very thing that he is teaching me about. God is so great at how he shows us that he loves us!! Everybody needs to truly believe that God really does love us and that he is not upset with us.. God sent Jesus on earth to die for all of us, for our past sins, are present sins and our future sins because he loves us so much.. You have to believe in Jesus and that he died for our sins and you will receive the love from him.. Their is nothing that any of us can do to go to heaven but BELIEVE IN JESUS, BELIEVE IN OUR FATHER AND BELIEVE IN THE HOLY SPIRIT!!! AMEN