Somebody the other day was telling me that you can’t be with God unless you are at church.. WRONG!!   God is with us and is every where we are, always. I can be at home and talk to God. I can be driving my car and talk to God. I could be any where and God will talk back to me. God will tell me what lesson he wants me learn this week or month. He will send me to the bible and have me read something then supernaturally he will give me some kind of confirmation by having me see a sign or even someone all of a sudden talk to me about that very thing that he is teaching me about. God is so great at how he shows us that he loves us!! Everybody needs to truly believe that God really does love us and that he is not upset with us.. God sent Jesus on earth to die for all of us, for our past sins, are present sins and our future sins because he loves us so much.. You have to believe in Jesus and that he died for our sins and you will receive the love from him.. Their is nothing that any of us can do to go to heaven but BELIEVE IN JESUS, BELIEVE IN OUR FATHER AND BELIEVE IN THE HOLY SPIRIT!!! AMEN

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