Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!
I’m thankful for God above all because he is our true father and he shows us how much he loves us everyday!
I’m thankful that Jesus died on the cross for all of our sins and that he shows all of us to LOVE ONE ANOTHER!
I’m thankful for the Holy Spirit that shows me how to love other people, guides me to try to do the right things, leads me to the right path that God wants me to be on and gives me this great big shield when I am getting attacked by Evil spirits.
I’m thankful of my family and friends and for the people that God has put around me!
I’m thankful for everything that God has given me in my life!
I couldn’t be thankful if it wasn’t for God being in my life to give me all these things that I just wrote about!
I hope that if you are reading this that maybe you could let God into your life and feel the love that he has for you!!

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