Beginning of my Journey

I felt so much love when I got filled with the Holy Spirit that I only wanted to do what God wanted me to do because he is full of love for all of his children. I think that a lot of people believe that God is this mean and harsh power that we have over us but he is totally opposite. Before I was born again, I didn’t feel any connection and just kind of thought that God was a judge but I have now the privilege to know that God is our true and very loving father. Yes, he is our father and with any father we do need to respect him and listen to what he wants us to do. We can very easily get distracted or taken over by the devil but if our faith in God is powerful then the devil doesn’t have a chance of getting us. I believe that we can all somehow hear God and know that we have to change some things in our lives. One big lesson that I had to learn was to discern the voices that are in my head. I had the devil trying so hard to convince me that all the love I have with God wasn’t really there (it was make believe) and that it was trying to put all these negative thoughts in my head about God. We also need to discern when someone is trying to tell us something about God. This is very important because I had to learn the hard way that I can’t just believe that all messages that people tell me are true and are actually from God. These people may have thought that the message they were giving was from God but it wasn’t. It’s easy for a new spirit filled christian to be easily pushed in different directions because all we want is God and we will believe and listen to anybody that says anything about God. God has taught me that fellowship is great but we have to understand that God wants to teach us all himself and he has, with me. I have gotten so many messages and signs from God and learned so much more from things that God wanted me to read out of the Bible or telling me to watch a show on TV that had a preacher teaching about something that I needed to hear(learn). I know this might be hard for some people to believe but with along the signs that I get from God I also get messages from God (through speaking in tongues). It’s amazing because I can’t even tell you how many times I have talked to God (through speaking in tongues) and he has said things to me that I needed to ask my mom what it meant because there were words that I didn’t know. This is why I believe that I can talk to God and I know for sure that he is always listening to all of us if we truly want him to hear us. WE HAVE TO BELIEVE IN GOD!!

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