How powerful prayer is….

God wants me to talk about something that is very powerful, PRAYER IN THE NAME OF JESUS. When I was filled with all this love from God, I was still going to sleep and sometimes waking up and seeing this dark shadow in my room trying to scare me but it was different now because I know that Jesus is more powerful than any bad spirit out there in the world and anywhere. So, I would feel strong knowing that I have the Holy Spirit inside me and knowing that our everlasting father was with me and I would just tell the dark shadow  ” IN THE NAME OF JESUS I COMMAND YOU BAD SPIRIT TO LEAVE MY HOUSE “. Sometimes I would have to say it once and sometimes I would have to say it 2 or 3 times but when I did all of a sudden I would feel that the dark shadow was gone. I can really feel the power of the Holy Spirit and of Jesus working inside me but we have to always remember that it’s not us doing it, it’s always Jesus. We could never do anything if it wasn’t with the power of Jesus. I realized that I wanted these visits at night to stop because my daughter that is 6 years old would sometimes have bad dreams too. I truly don’t know if they are somehow related but I will tell you that I started doing something that made both of our bad dreams stop. I started to pray every night the same way ” IN THE NAME OF JESUS I BIND YOU BAD SPIRITS FROM ATTACKING ANYONE IN THIS HOUSE TONIGHT ”  and I would say it about 3 or 4 times until I felt like it was enough ( I also would speak in tongues ). Can I just tell you that ever since I do that we haven’t had a bad night. Last night I didn’t do it because I was distracted by something else before I went to sleep and my daughter came into my room in the middle of the night and woke me up because she had a really bad dream. To some people it could be a coincidence but I think that my prayers with Jesus’s name is very powerful and gives us peace at night. Now I’m just making this an example for everyone but I speak in tongues many times and pray for other things that God helps me with and I always say thank you before I even get it because I know that somehow God provides for us. It might not be in the way that you want exactly but he will provide us with what he thinks we need. I have been surprised many times with how God has shown me things that he has done for me supernaturally. I am truly blessed to have the Holy Spirit inside me and to have Jesus as my lord and father… 🙂

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