My last sign before I got Born Again…

This last sign is a little hard to explain but I will try my best. Ever since I was a little girl I used to get these really bad dreams (at least I thought they were dreams). I would wake up in my bed but I wouldn’t be able to move or speak until whatever was happening to me was over. I will tell a couple different examples. When I was a child I would wake up in my bed (in my room) and couldn’t move but could see a big dark shadow of a monster coming on top of me and I don’t know how long it would last but it felt like forever. When this monster of a shadow was done scarying me then I could actually get up from the bed and run out of my room screaming. I would wake up thinking that there was something in my bed moving and my mom would check but nothing. My parents would always tell me that it’s just a night terror and that I have to believe that it doesn’t exist. I’m sure that they thought that I (being a child) was having bad dreams, well these attacks at night would happen until recently. I started just believing that these attacks that I was getting were just bad night terrors and that my brain had to be playing tricks on me because how could it really be true that I’m waking up in my room (frozen) and i have these dark shadow things attacking me. I learned that when they would happen I would try to just close and open my eyes many times and it seemed to work because in my head I would say that this is not real (repeatedly). So, I’m not sure when this particular night attack happen but this one lasted a long time. My husband and I have a Cross with Jesus on it, in our bedroom, on the side of the wall where I sleep. Now, this is going to sound really crazy but when I would wake up this time I wasn’t getting attacked instead I would have my eyes on the Cross but Jesus was changing into images of something evil and scary. Like now my attacks were against Jesus and whatever it was, it was trying to make to believe that Jesus was really a monster. Of course I would open and close my eyes as usual and think that whatever this is, its not true and then I would see Jesus back on my wall. So glad to see Jesus again.. So getting back to my last sign. I was talking to a couple of different people when I was getting my signs and over heard someone tell a story about how he used to get attacked in the middle of the night by bad spirits and when he explained his attacks they sounded almost exactly like mine. I asked him questions about it and thought he had to be having night terrors because how can we really get attacked by bad spirits. He made me realize that bad spirits do exist (by my first sign with my daughters dream from God) and the bad spirit was trying to convince me that Jesus was bad. When the thought that I was getting attacked at night by evil spirits, it really scared me but my brother told me that God was going to show me a sign that I’m safe. Now, still wasn’t born again yet so I didn’t still know what to believe but that night I went home and of course I didn’t tell any of this to my husband because he would of thought I was nuts. I wanted to make sure I truly believed before I talked to my husband about it because he was raised Catholic all his life and it would be hard for him to understand something like this. Back to that night, I was getting ready to go to sleep and I have to say I was so scared to wake up  to an attack because I knew than that they are real now but something interesting happen. I woke up scared as usual and but this time before I could get attacked my daughter came into my bed (at that exact time I opened my eyes) and I could move (to my surprise), let her in the bed and put my arms around her but all of a sudden I felt safe like nothing could touch me or hurt me. It was the craziest feeling ever but I knew that it must of been God to send my daughter in my room at that time to show me I’m safe with him and God loves me very much that he has given me all these signs. I will say that my daughter would come into my bed all the time but somehow it was different that time. I was convinced and I talked to my brother and told him that I was ready to get born again and I wanted to feel the greatness of having a connection with God, like I searched all my life for. Thank you God our Father. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Holy Spirit…. 🙂

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