Another sign that God gave me…

After God gave me that sign through my daughter I started to talk to my mom and brother more and started asking a lot of questions. I really wanted to have this connection with God but I was still skeptical about what they were saying about me having to be born again and filled with the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues. One part that I had a hard time with was speaking in tongues because I seriously didn’t understand and thought that it had to be something evil (not good) but of course, I was wrong because God showed me that it is in the Bible. So let me tell you how he showed me. Every night i used to sit on the floor of my kids room and wait for them to go to sleep and usually I would have my phone and either play a game or shop online. I would like to say that it was probably 2 or 3 days after my first sign that I was doing my usual sitting on the floor waiting for my kids to go to sleep and in my head I kept hearing something like “go to the Bible and read Acts“. I couldn’t understand why I kept hearing this in my head because I didn’t know much of the Bible and didn’t even know if there was a chapter called Acts in there. So I tried to somehow ignore what I was hearing because to me it didn’t make sense but finally I decided to put a Bible app on my phone and look and see if there really was a chapter called Acts. To my surprise the voice in my head was right and the two verses that stood out for me when I started reading were Acts 1:5 FOR JOHN BAPTIZED WITH WATER, BUT IN A FEW DAYS YOU WILL BE BAPTIZED WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT. ACTS 2:4 ALL OF THEM WERE FILLED WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT AND BEGAN TO SPEAK IN OTHER TONGUES AS THE SPIRIT ENABLED THEM. I was in shock because only God could of been in my mind telling me to go and read these chapters. I was amazed and then knew that God was giving me these signs and that I really could have a connection with God. God needed to show me one more sign before i could be saved and I will tell you next time… 

Born Again Spirit Filled

When my dad passed away, it was hard, but not as hard as I thought it would be. I guess, I felt that he went to Heaven because I know he believed in Jesus. Of course, I wanted to be selfish and keep him on earth with me but I know that now he is in Heaven and he is so happy and has no pain ( he had so much depression and pain from his heart problems ). About a month later, I found out that I needed to do tests because I might have cancer. I was very upset because the thought of having cancer and possibly dying scared me. It scared me because I truly didn’t have the connection to God like I thought I should have. One thing I always believed that everything happens for a reason whether its good or bad. I believe that God doesn’t give us more than what we can handle but we also have to learn from the situations that we are in. So, I prayed and prayed that even if I had cancer that I would be ok and that my family would have the strength to go through whatever it was. I was very lucky to find out that I didn’t have cancer and I thanked God for that. Having this little scare I decided to listen a little to my mom and brother about their stories of being born again and filled with the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues. I’ll be honest I thought that speaking in tongues was something evil but I found out with the help of Gods signs to me that speaking in tongues is a beautiful thing.


It started when my brother was telling me that we are all getting attacked every day from evil spirits. Also that in my house my 5 year old daughter wasn’t getting attacked because she has a very close connection to God. (I will tell you more of how my daughter loves Jesus and has a close bond to God). My self, husband and son had bad spirits attacking us all the time. Well, I thought my brother was crazy. Yes, I thought that bad spirits are out there in the world but I didn’t think that they were attacking my family. He also told me that God will show me himself that this is true. I can’t remember exactly if it was that night or the next but my daughter told me that she had a dream that was so real to her and that she could remember all of it. My daughter could never remember her dreams that she had, even now. Her dream in her words was: she was in some kind of cave holding a baby wolf in her arms and mommy, daddy and her brother were out side of the cave fighting off a bear, a big foot and wolves. She felt very safe holding the wolf but she could see that we were getting hurt from the bad creatures. After she told me that, I was in shock. I couldn’t believe that she had a dream exactly about what my brother told me. I knew than that God could of been the only one to give my daughter that dream because I didn’t even talk at home about what I heard from my brother because I seriously thought that he was wrong. I have many more signs to tell that led me to get born again…..


I would like to start by telling you a little about me. I have been born again and spirit filled since June of 2012. I’m married with two beautiful children that God Blessed me with. I’m very Blessed to have a husband that is not born again but tries to be understanding on what I choose to believe in. I do hope that one day he will get born again and spirit filled but I have tried talking to him many times and I have figured out that God will have to show him. All my life, ever since I was a little girl I always wanted to be close to God and I never quite found that connection that I was looking for. I’ll be honest, I used to try and read the Bible (before being filled with the Holy Spirit) and always had a hard time understanding it. I didn’t know much about the Bible besides what I would learn from church and that wasn’t much because I would only go when it was a holiday. So every year it seemed like it was the same thing over and over. I still felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere with God but I would still pray, hope and wish that God could hear me. I had my mom and brother that were born again spirit filled already at that time and they would try to tell me how wonderful if feels to be filled with the Holy Spirit and how much God (our true and everlasting father) and Jesus love us. Of course , I didn’t believe them for years because the kind of stories that my mom would tell me couldn’t of really happened (now I know that Gods power is still on earth with all of us). Well, I can tell you that I started getting more curious about being born again after my dad in 2011 had a lot of medical problems and the doctors were telling us time after time that we needed to be ready for him to pass away. My dad got saved a little time before he died and I’ll never forget how he said he felt when he got filled with the Holy Spirit and the love he felt after. He said he felt like he was lifted in the air because God took all of his bad things out of him. My father was always up front about everything, so when he told me this, it made me start listening a little. I was so happy that my father believed and got saved (within a couple of weeks of dying). That was such a Blessing. This is how I got curious…

God Holding Baby Jesus

God Holding Baby Jesus

My daughter is 6 years old and she drew this picture one day telling me that this is God holding Jesus as a baby. Also she told me that God has his arms open with love for anyone that wants to go to him. She colored yellow all around God because she told me that in Heaven its all shiny and sparkly. My daughter has a great love for God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Hi everyone, My name is Toni and i’m born again and spirit filled.

This is the first time I have ever blogged and I’m not a good writer but I feel like God wants me to do this so I can share my story of how I got born again and how my journey has been since it happened. I will be writing a little bit each day about how God showed me the way to him. I truly believe I have a great connection to God that I never had before I got filled with the Holy Spirit. I hope that when I start my story tomorrow that when you read it, you will find guidance, encouragement, love and sincerity. These are things that God has been teaching me that we should all have with one another. I’m excited about this message and hope you enjoy it..