This is something that my daughter wrote all by herself! She has a beautiful connection to God!! We’re so proud of her! 💯❤

❤️❤️LOVE❤️❤️Not just one word but a million❣ Don’t ever think you did something wrong, just feel the love inside so you can never get hurt❣ God will always be with you no matter what❣ Believe in him❣ You can do the Impossible❣ He ❤️❤️LOVES❤️❤️ you with all his heart this goes the same with Jesus he also ❤️❤️LOVES❤️❤️ you with all his heart❣They’ll love you no matter what❣

2 thoughts on “GOD EQUALS LOVE 

  1. Yes I Believe… For The Love Of ❤️Our FATHER Conquereth All Things both the wicked devices of Satan… So Are we to Love And Forgive all HIS… CREATURES Except The 😈 DEVIL… 🙋🙏❤️AMEN

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