Having the Holy Spirit inside me makes me feel like I could encounter any problem in my life with all new tools to make it work or make it better. We all have our Father in Heaven that shows us so much love that all he wants us to do is to feel the same way to one another. He wanted all of us to know about how he sent down Jesus to show us that he loves us and wants all of us to come to him and spend iternal life with him. He also sent us a powerful guide the Holy Spirit to show us the way that our Father would want us to live and walk the path designed for us. Our Father knows everything that goes on in this world and he knows that we have the devil attacking us in every way possible that it can but thats why we need the Holy Spirit to be strong at times that we would of been weak. I’m not saying that you wont have times of going down the wrong path but the Holy Spirit doesn’t let you go too far off your path. Having the Holy Spirit inside you also means that you can speak in tongues ( to me its so powerful). Sometimes when I’m speaking in tongues I hear our Father speaking to me about things that I needed to hear or that I needed to learn and sometimes I just hear him tell me HE LOVES ME!! I do have times that I might not hear anything and that’s ok because our Father is still teaching me silently even when I don’t hear him.

I have to tell you a wonderful message that our Father gave me once on speaking in tongues. I want to start by saying that when I hear God or I’m doing something that I know God wanted me to do, for an example, I would have a conversation with a person out of the blue and it would be about The Father , Jesus and the Holy Spirit and how God has shown me so much love and how much love he has for all of his children and that if only everybody knew that you could have a special bond with God if only you receive the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit in your life. So when I get this feeling like God purposely made this situation happen and that I did something that God wanted me to do, I feel so happy and light as a feather (no one at that moment could spoil the beautiful feeling that I get). I love talking about God and how wonderful he is! So one night I was laying in bed and as I always do, I started speaking in tongues and I heard our Father say to me that when I get that wonderful excited happy feeling that I did something for him, he told me that he gets the same feeling when he hears his children speaking in tongues. 🙂  So if you ever feel sometimes that when your speaking in tongues and nothing happens well now you know that our Father is actually feeling really happy to hear you and he is teaching us without us knowing it. It’s really important for us to know that God truely does want a close bond with all of us if we only so choose to do it. All you have to do is make that one simple step towards him and he will do the rest. He came to me supernaturally and I think that he can show you too. 🙂



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