Water Baptism at Life Christian Church!


It’s been 2 years now that I’ve been Born Again and Spirit Filled and I always look to Our Father to guide me into my next step in life! ❤ So God had sent me for the very first time to this Church called Life Christian Church, they have Beautiful Worship and Great Pastor teaching about God and the message was all positive and very encouraging! At the middle of it, they started talking about Water Baptism and they had this man come out and did it in front of the Church! It was the most Beautiful thing that I had ever seen! The Holy Spirit inside me was showing me how happy this moment was. So, I continued to go to the Church to have Worship and Fellowship because I always felt good after being there! But, I also felt like God wanted me to do something there and I realized that Our Father wanted me to get Water Baptized because I’ve been walking in my path with Our Father, Jesus and The Holy Spirit and the Water Baptism is my sign of commitment to GOD FOREVER!! ❤
I was so excited to do this and very emotional because I Love Our Father, Jesus and The Holy Spirit so much that all I want is to feel the love that he gives me!
When I got dropped into the water I felt like I was at peace in an Ocean with only me and God around me! It was so cool!! ❤
If anybody would like to see the video of how they explain the Water Baptism and see how people get Water Baptized you are more than welcome to go on the Life Christian Church Michigan and see the whole video! ❤
God Bless all of you! ❤

One thought on “Water Baptism at Life Christian Church!

  1. Merci à vous pour tout ce que vous faites pour l’évolution de l’évangile.Que Dieu vous bénisse d’avantage

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