Love, encouragement, sincerity and guidance …..

God wants me to talk about something that all Christians need with one another. I begin by telling you that when I first became born again and spirit filled and was listening to a lot of people telling me what I should do or not do. I felt like I was guided sometimes in the right way and sometimes in the wrong way. I would always trust in God that he would some how show me the truth of what I was supposed to do and he absolutely did. I can tell you that God wanted me to go and see different fellowship groups and how every one is different. He would teach me that there is good parts in every fellowship group. I love to worship while listening to Christian music and I enjoy speaking in tongues and hearing what God wants me to learn. I saw that some new spirit filled Christians would either be full of love and kept it or they were full of love and lost it (falling away). I believe that some of them maybe didn’t truly have enough faith or I also believe that some of them were guided in the wrong way. I always have faith that God does everything to try to get his true children back to him, if they are lost. So now comes the message that God gave me one day, God told me four most important words that we need to use with each other. LOVE, ENCOURAGEMENT, SINCERITY AND GUIDANCE…

LOVE= Jesus says we need to love one another.

ENCOURAGEMENT= We should always get encouragement from our fellow Christians because we get negativity from the evil spirits always attacking us.

SINCERITY= We all need to be honest with ourselves and with others.

GUIDANCE= Everyone needs guidance in one way or another but it needs to be in a positive way.

In life we all get negativity from everywhere in this world and God is trying to teach us all that we shouldn’t have that with our own Christian family and friends. We are one big family and we need to stick together and help one another get through whatever issues we have. God is all about LOVE and he is our true father. Thank you Jesus….

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